Live Review: Spinny Nights x Monty Burns

Live Review: Spinny Nights x Monty Burns

Spinny Nights is shrouded in an air of mystery. Before I arrive, my head is already spinning with
questions. Who are the masterminds behind the recently formed Spinny Nights Ltd. corporation?
What’s their connection to hot off the press publication ‘Limited Edition Ltd’? Why am I travelling to a basement in the depths of Hotwells and why do I need to make sure my name is on the guest list?

As I enter Monty Burns Manor my confusion continues to peak. The walls are lined with vinyl records and the basement is painted with Simpsons murals. There’s a stage and two small shop stands. The décor is more Berlin art hostel than cheap student house and I’m both enthralled and jealous.

Before the bands start I’m already impressed by the commitment of the crowd. The basement is not only packed but Spinny Nights Ltd. have somehow managed to convince a throng of students to arrive before 9:30pm on a Friday evening. First up, Zebrafi cruise us into the night with their sweet selection of slacker indie rock. This Bristol based band can often be found at the Old England or the Louisiana but they’re equally at home at Monty Burns Manor.



While Zebrafi’s set comes to a close, whispers are eagerly passed around the room in anticipation of the next act: the debut of the one, the only, Lynks Afrikka. It’s hard to put into words the emotion I felt while watching Lynk’s performance but I’m pretty sure it’s how people feel when they witness a miracle. My brain was truly spun out and then reassembled as I worshipped this goddess in drag for the first time. There was singing, dancing, makeup, costumes, mime artists and a song called “How to make a béchamel sauce in 10 steps” which brought me inexplicably close to tears. As Ms Afrikka writhed on the concrete floor gasping “Continue adding milk!” I was overcome with such perfect happiness that I finally understood why people choose to get married.

At this point a quick break was needed for everyone to process their feelings and for headliner Cody Lyric to begin setting up. I’m the first to admit I know fuck all about electronic music but even an imbecile like myself can recognise that Cody Lyric is really, really good. Mixing live on stage, his eclectic mix of percussion, disco samples and techno beats is enchanting. Cody Lyric is relatively new to the Bristol scene but seriously worth while checking out while he’s still gracing smaller venues. With his level of talent, it won’t be long before he moves on to bigger pastures and we all collectively kick ourselves for not taking every opportunity to see him live now. Plus he’s gathered a pretty sweet trio of backing dancers, sure to impress and slightly terrify.

It’s the end of the night and I’m left with more questions than answers. I feel confused, my feet hurt from dancing and I’m still stuck in Hotwells. However, I’m also inexplicably hooked on Spinny Nights and I’ll be eagerly waiting to get my next fix of musical delights and spoon fed bewilderment soon.

P.S. @lynksafrikka Marry me, please? x

Check out the next Spinny Night at The Louisiana on Friday the 16th of March

Words by Sam Stone @babbikat
Photography by Guy Woods