Room 237 // 13th October

Room 237 // 13th October

An exciting vision of an era in rave history

Sometimes, a promoter just gets it right, in every respect. If its Room 237, its happens more often than not. The curation of this particular line up was mouth-watering, featuring Randomer and Bjarki, two totemic figures in techno within Europe and beyond. Bjarki’s association with Russian label Trip has led to massive exposure across the continent in the last few years, whilst Randomer has been a constant in the techno scene within the UK for the better part of the last decade. Two bookings of such a calibre are hard to accommodate appropriately, but the organisers of Room 237 successfully managed to fine tune a powerful D & B audiotechnik rig to sound clean and undistorted despite the harsh, cavernous space of the Loco Klub. A dynamic light show also worked well in creating a chaotic atmosphere, which suited the big-room rave agenda which Room 237 obviously had in mind.

Randomer’s murky techno sound, which he has pioneered over the years, was unique as ever. He amplified the energy in the space as soon as he played his first record. In a masterful DJ set he tore through acid techno, pacy old school rave and industrial with a distinguishable swampy twist. Randomer performed so well behind the decks it was almost a reassurance that Bjarki was playing live, because it would have been hard to match the quality of the UK icon. The Finnish technician soon proved himself to be just as competent at maintaining the attention of the crowd and the sound quality of his complex modular setup was outstanding. He kept the room full until the lights came on at 4am, and received an ecstatic applause in appreciation.  

Techno nights are a dime a dozen, but an event of this quality is very rare, and very special when it comes about. For those who already appreciate dark club music, Room 237 will always be an event to look out for, and even for those who know nothing about dance music of this kind, the organisation and standard of these club nights should reassure you that your ticket price will always be worth the money.

Samuel Rafanell-Williams