Preview: Will Varley @ The Trinity Centre 08.02.18

Hot-on-the-heels of a prolific last few years, folk troubadour Will Varley returns to Bristol on February 8th for the penultimate show of his largest tour to date. With new album “Spirit of Minnie” produced by Cameron Mcvey (Massive Attack, Portishead) due to be released on February 9th, this show is not one to be missed.

 Varley has been an annual fixture of the Bristol folk scene for several years now, but his latest album marks a departure from those preceding it and makes this show an especially exciting one. “Spirit of Minnie” is Varley's first to be recorded with a backing band, who will be joining him on this tour, and the singles so far seem guaranteed to satisfy both new fans and old. Lead single “All Those Stars” makes great use of the band but still sounds distinctly Varley, while “Statues” lyrically returns to a recurrent theme in Varley's catalogue; that of time slipping away and the sense of loss that this incurs.

 With strong new material and the potential for re-workings of old favourites, this show looks like it will be one to remember - and given Will's upward trajectory through Bristol's venues, who knows when we'll get to see him in one as nice as the Trinity Centre again?

Liam Holmes

Photography: Festival Flyer