Interview: House & Keys

Interview: House & Keys

Hailing from Northampton, these two brothers will be brining a headline set to trvnk x Inter:Mission launch party

For people who are not familiar with you guys, could you give us a little intro to you and your music?

Both of us have been into music since we were really young, I bought my first mixer when i was fourteen. It wasn't long before my brother Ed was persistent about buying technics so we could start building a record collection, and we realised how much fun it would be to tear it up together. We're into everything really, including ambience, jazz, acoustic all the way through to the face melting techno, and we like to try and put on a show when were playing. 

Quite an interesting name, how did you guys come up with this one?

Ahaha, well names is always a difficult one. I came up with some tragic ones for myself, I think DJ Chronic might have been in there somewhere? But, I think House & Keys is friendly and when we started producing, a lot of the music was dominated by the piano as was a lot of the music we used to play out. Sounds pretty dope as well!!

One song to listen to for the rest of your life what would it be?

One track, wow I don't know where to start with this one. Good warm up question for Desert Island Discs, we're coming Kirsty! I'm gunna put "Time & Time Again" by Ishmael, it's a crazy good track, the guy is a genius, but honestly I have no idea, too many tracks to choose from.

In one of your videos you have Recess on in the background, if you could have any backdrop during a performance what would it be and why?

That "Recess" backdrop actually had nothing to do with us, I quite liked it though. I think I would keep it simple but smart, some really quirky shots from all over the place put together, filmed on a low budget camera obviously, and something to compliment the music. I think some backdrops can be way too intense.  

Talking of performances what has been your best performance so far?

I think one of the best for me was in World Headquarters in Newcastle, one of those times everything just works; a great crowd including some of our mates. We had elephant masks and the same outfit. Everyone seemed to be on the same page and every track worked perfectly, I also managed to play live trumpet over one of our tracks which was pretty special. 

Intimate gig to 100 of your best friends or performance to 1000 strangers?

Good question, killing it in front of a crowd of rando's is a mad experience, you've gotta get it so right. However, there is nothing like doing what you love with your favourite people with you, it's damn special and I think it will always be my favourite. But at the moment I would choose playing in front of a crowd of 1000 strangers, because my mates are probably getting bored of hearing us play. 

Could you give us a little information to the readers about your next gig?

Expect a bath of noises all nice, our favourite goodness and some unreleased tasters. Dip your toes in, the waters warm!! 

Facebook: House & Keys

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/house-and-keys

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Photo: BarnyCurran Photography