Amy Macdonald @ Colston Hall

What a treat it was to see Amy Macdonald in Bristol’s Colston Hall; the evening was just what one could hope for; a combination of wit, emotion and entertainment.

Amy’s stage presence is perfect for a musician of her genre; being humble and relatable at the same time as being humorous and engaging. That is even before she sings! Her voice is original and quirky with a slight country twang making her songs incredibly distinctive. She performs a range of tracks which include a mix of slow ballads and ‘get out your chair’ bangers. This includes ‘Down by Water’ and ‘Dream On’ both tracks from her new album ‘Under Stars’. Her performance is encapsulating.

Having been a fan of Amy since she kicked off in 2007 with ‘Mr Rock & Roll’ and ‘This is the Life,’ in the back of my mind I've been waiting for a revival; a spark in her musical repertoire. Having now recently seen her perform live, I feel her new tracks are an expression of how she has matured as a musician. In her own words Amy explained that she perceives her new album as a reflection upon her younger self. Her performance and the manner in which she carries herself on stage is testament to this.

Following on from the gig in Bristol Amy is due to play in Nottingham, Bournemouth and London where no doubt her respective audience will receive her with the grace and respect as she received in the West Country; a result of such an honest performance.

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