Insomnichord & Goodbye Grace

One of Bristol’s leading music venues, The Louisiana has hosted an array of artists over the years including The Chemical Brothers, Coldplay, Muse and more recently Florence & The Machine. Above the sprawling pub in a windowless, box like room live music takes place creating the perfect backdrop for intimate gigs. Last term Holly Ewart arranged her first live music evening, ‘Musicians In Disguise’ (MID) accumulating a variety of local artists such as Jack Vincent, Louis Hall and Kimi Zoet. This evening at The Louisiana saw her repertoire develop with some more established artists on the line up: Bristol based band Insomnichord and Goodbye Grace hailing from our capital, London.


            Six-piece psychedelic rock band, Insomnichord transport us back in time with both their melodies and their avant-garde garments, leaving us in a state of nostalgia, remembering wondrous 1960s threads and Tame Impala’s first album ‘Innerspeak’ (2010). Watching lead vocalist, Rollo Ellison move energetically around the stage shaking a tambourine I could not help but oscillate and subtly sway in the front row to the soft delay of synths, guitars and liquidy vocals exiling me back to the days when I would listen to Faris Badwan’s delayed vocals. All in all Insomnichord are easy on the ear taking influence from Todd Rundgren, Hawkwind and Tame Impala. Nonetheless, I believe they have grasped too tightly to psychedelic rock before their time and need to branch out further to discover their own distinctive, unparalleled sound.


            Headliner’s Goodbye Grace have devoted the last few months to recording their music in Nashville, now in the process of playing across the UK, tonight they debut in Bristol, having recently performed at renowned venues such as Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen in London. From the word go Goodbye Grace convincingly captivated the crowd, their set commencing with upbeat numbers such as ‘Girls’ which got the crowd moving to and fro, with more intense, slow tempo tracks emerging later down the line. Their set had good variation, from upbeat blues influenced songs to heartfelt, stripped back acoustic numbers such as ‘Mother’s Song,’ Georgia Grace charmed the crowd with her husky vocals accompanying the audience through a range of emotions. Watching their set unfold a story begins to uncover of love lost and the attempt at trying to erase those memories, an agonising experience told through beautiful spellbinding vocals.


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Article: Issy Villiers