Review: Lack of Afro

On a dismal, rainy night in Bristol – which let’s face it is every night at the moment – there is little more which could cheer you up like Lack of Afro. The multi-talented Adam Gibbons brings together elements of Funk, Soul and Jazz to create a sound which feels almost entirely different live. Gibbons and a whole host of musicians, including talented vocalist Elliot Cole, took to the stage of Colston Hall’s Lantern venue as part of the tour for Lack of Afro’s latest album Hello Baby.

Gibbons was careful to start his set with familiar crowd-pleasers such as ‘Recipe for Love’ and ‘P.A.R.T.Y’ alongside new tracks like ‘Nothing Personal’. The mix of tracks appealed to an audience which was visibly a mix of old fans and curious newcomers to Lack of Afro’s heady sound. Perhaps the best reaction overheard in the crowd was one young man exclaiming, ‘it’s like a school disco in here’; whether he’d been to considerably more upmarket disco affairs than me, or not, remains unsolved but at the beginning of the night there was a slightly awkward shuffling about the room. Thankfully, however, the energy in the crowd picked up as the night wore on due to the band’s comical and endearing interaction with the audience.

Perhaps the acoustics of Lack of Afro are better suited to larger or outdoor venues where the brass and vocals could fully be appreciated. Or maybe I’m just pining for a summer festival with an overpriced cider. What I do know is that Lack of Afro’s summery, uplifting sound is rightfully a crowd-pleaser which you can’t help but move to.

Freya Spriggs