Inter:view - Natalie McCool

We spent some time with Natalie McCool during her UK tour. We took this opportunity to ask her a few questions: 


Where and what is it that made you realise you wanted to become a musician?

Probably watching bands play on TV. I don't remember whether it was Glastonbury live or Jools Holland...probably Jools Holland - and I just remember thinking "wow they are having so much fun up there". So that was like, the dream in my head. Also my dad had lots of guitars lying around the house when I was little so I used to teach myself a lot of songs and be quietly learning away. Playing guitar was my first love

Who and why do you think has the biggest influence on your music?

I wrote about this for a feature for this year's Women Only Week (WOW - which is this week). Amongst other guitar / vocal inspirations, since discovering - albeit quite late to the party - PJ Harvey's entire back catalogue I think her way of writing songs has really influenced me. I love how she writes not just about innocence, love, joy etc but also all the 'ugly' things - like jealousy, obsession, ridicule, ire, etc. I think she's constantly exploring the human condition and I love that.


To people who do not know your music, how would you describe it?

Pop with a brain!

What has been your favourite musical memory thus far?

Hmmmm I've had many! We recently played a festival in Japan and it was not just an amazing experience but really great fun too. Meeting all the other acts and exploring the culture over there was fantastic. They are huge into arcades and karaoke so we made some...memorable memories while over there! Would love to go back.

What advice do you have for young musicians who might feel the chances for success are becoming increasingly scarce as the music industry changes?

Keep on. Change it up. Learn new things. Meet new people. Don't give up on the things you want.


For anyone interested in seeing Natalie, she is performing at Crofters Rights, Bristol this evening. Future dates and ticket information can be accessed by link below: