One to watch: Tom Walker

One to watch: Tom Walker

Wow! What a year 2017 has been for singer-song writer Tom walker so far. Not only has he gained massive support from Q magazine, SBTV and BBC introducing, but his song ‘Play dead’ was record of the week on BBC Radio 1. I was delighted, therefore, to catch up with Tom on his SOLD OUT UK tour.

For an artist who grew up listening to ‘guitar rocky bands’ like Artic Monkeys and Oasis. It wasn’t until Tom moved to London, to study song writing at London Contemporary College of Music, that he started listening to a range of artists including Jack Garret, NAO and Rae Black. It was their influence, combined with his passion for weird rhythms that led him to a career in the music industry.

‘I feel you could do an album today and have a few different things on it, and it would go down really well. However, if this was the case 10 years ago, this wouldn’t really be an option.’

Tom has multiple musical talents, he plays: the guitar; piano; bass, and produces his own music. Using these instruments, he creates his unique style. ‘It’s quite weird really, it is a mix between hip hop, blues, a bit of soul, tiny bit of reggae and pop. Hah yea its a bit of everything really.'  

Tom has released a number of songs. However, he claims his favourite song to date is ‘Fly Away with me’.

‘I was at my gig the other day in Camden. When I started playing the first chorus, everyone just started singing along! I have never had that before. I mean I normally have my mates at the front singing along but to have 300 people singing my song to me, was just, yea, incredible!’

This gig in Camden, was also the setting for a marriage proposal.

‘Yea a lad called Jamie, haha he was going to propose to his girlfriend and then apparently she found out. So he put it off for a bit. So, some time later, he hit me up on twitter, asking if he could propose to my song, 'You and I’. I mean my first response was like, aha I don’t even know who you are. But yea, then we got chatting on the phone, he sounded like a sound guy, and yea it all worked out.'

Despite the huge success that Tom has achieved so far. He still claims he gets nervous.

‘I was super nervous before my gig in Camden. Because you enter the room at the back, so you still have to walk the length of the room to get on stage. That was when I realised how many people were there!  I mean, we couldn’t get through the crowd to get to our own show’

Tom is an incredible song writer that continues to experiment and widen his horizons in the music world. His music  pushes the boundaries of genre, invoking a whirlwind of emotion in the listener. His work is a joy to behold: Check out Tom's work so far at: