Review: De La Soul

Review: De La Soul

Colston Hall transformed into a 90’s hiphop showdown on Friday night as De La Soul took the stage and they didn’t disappoint. Supported by Jungle Brown and despite now performing for over 27 years, De La Soul came out as vibrant as ever.

Originally from Long Island, De La Soul are known for their unique sampling and creative lyrics and tonight’s atmosphere was reminiscent of a true hip hop gig from the 90s. The combination of the crowd, the bass and the sheer energy from the group meant everyone was off their seats.

They warmed the crowd up nicely, playing a few of their well-known hits. Suddenly, out of nowhere a partial reunion of Native Tongues occurred, a group they (and a host of other hip hop artists) were part of. De La Soul brought out Black Sheep for "Ring Ring Ring (Ha Ha Hey)", before unleashing the classic everyone had been waiting for “Me, Myself and I”, which the crowd lapped up. They then came out for their encore with their 2005 collaboration "Feel Good Inc.,” with Gorillaz which ended the night on a high.

With their recent album "And the Anonymous Nobody”, released last year, going down well with both their fans and the new generation of hip hop lovers, seeing De La Soul live was an experience I will be remembering for a long time.

Joseph Salem