Live Review: Mount Kimbie @ Motion

In support of the release of their third studio album, Love What Survives, Mount Kimbie performed to a sold-out crowd at Motion as part of the venue’s In: Motion series.

Seven years since the release of Crooks & Lovers, an album that established Mount Kimbie at the forefront of ‘post-dubstep’, Love What Survives sees duo Dominic Maker and Kai Campos evolving and expanding their sound, also featuring vocals from King Krule and James Blake. Their set was heavily focused on the new album as they opened with ‘Four Years and One Day’, the first track from Love What Survives. They seamlessly followed with ‘Audition’ into ‘Marilyn’- one of the most uplifting songs of the evening, featuring Micachu’s wistful lyric, ‘are you looking up at me?’

The band’s live vocalist, Andrea Balency took lead for ‘You Look Certain (I’m Not So Sure)’, which revolves around a heavy, lethargic riff. Mount Kimbie take simple and primitive sounds which are continually built upon, stretched and fragmented. Watching them live, you are granted with a real accessibility into how they interact with and use their multi-instrumental set up. Mount Kimbie broke up new album tracks ‘Delta’ and ‘Field’ with fan favourites from their second album, Cold Spring Fault Less Youth. ‘So Many Times, So Many Ways’ felt almost transcendent, enhanced by the band’s captivating light production.

mount kimbie.JPG

The only difficulty with having so many guest vocalists on the album is finding a compromise for live shows. ‘You Took Your Time’ was beautifully performed as an instrumental but ‘Blue Train Lines’ relies heavily on King Krule’s distinctive voice and Dom’s vocal step up seemed a little lacklustre. Mount Kimbie know how to please the Motion crowd though, culminating with the incredible ‘Made to Stray’. For one November evening, Mount Kimbie brought back a festival atmosphere.

Mollie Chandler 

Cover Photograph: Mattis Folkestad 

Article Photograph: Sarah Kourey - Entirety Labs