Weekly Artist Spotlight: Superorganism

With it’s agonising buffer speeds and embarrassing-dad-level music suggestions, Apple music would be worthless to me if it weren’t for it’s fortnightly Beats 1 radio show Time Crisis. Hosted by Vampire Weekend frontman Ezra Koenig along with rising star of the American radio community and LA based painter Jake Longstreth, each show provides an insight into a range of discussion points,  from corporate food history, to in depth song analysis.

It was on this show where I first caught wind of Superorganism, with the Time Crisis crew playing Superorganism’s second release, It’s All Good, my initial reaction was to simply hate the name and forget the music, likening it to something Guitar Hero’s random band name generator might have spat out at me, I totally misunderstood their vibe on first listen. 

However, some two months later I was proud to see Superorganism on the long list for BBC’s sound of 2018 long list by it’s ties to Time Crisis and was prompted to go in for round two. Thirty seconds in to their first release, Something for Your M.I.N.D, I got it. 

Simple feel good harmony and relatable tongue and cheek lyrics lays a creamy pizza base for Superorgansim’s bewitchingly interesting and complex production to do it’s thing, balancing a clear musical direction with an avalanche of samples, sounds and silences. To understand the music, is to understand the name, which in retrospect could not be more fitting for such a fun and freaky group. 

The more I researched, the more Superorgansim worked their tentacles into me, from having the best band website I’ve ever seen (it’s got a game) to keeping their YouTube channel filled with weird little fan fiction videos, everything about them is just amazing. 

The international 8 piece, fronted by Japanese 17 year old Orono, created a huge buzz back in February after releasing Something for Your M.I.N.D, with speculation as to whether this was Kevin Parker’s answer to Gorillaz or an Avalanches side-project. Luckily for us all, it’s neither, Superorgansim are a living, breathing band who live together in an East London studio come super-swamp, which will hopefully act as the perfect habitat for this group to hatch and lay eggs. 

Have a listen, have a look, the internet has loved talking about this group and for good reason too.