Live Review: Tank & The Bangas @ The Trinity Centre

No one is doing it like they are! Toes tip tapping and Tank playing, bending and moulding every sound that came from her and every member of the band. It reached another level; cabaret, circus, comedy, it doesn't fit any of these categories but it takes all the best bits from them. Right after a soulful honey drizzled jam and toast to the powers of the flute they rolled straight into the sharpest sax laced with itching bouncing bars, and then brought it all down key by golden key to a bass player who reduced every creature in the room to dust. Things go viral for a reason because they tickle our collective soul and this feeling was tangible as waves of shivers and laughter rolled around the Trinity Centre under the light and joyful sound of Tank and the Bangas. It would be useless to talk through all the tracks they played as it was one whole synthesised show, a breath was hardly taken, relentless energy, constant momentum and rhythm and feel and POW. Wow.

Hailing from New Orleans it seems they have soaked up every sound that has blown through and around those streets and are now riding a magic carpet of sound around the world on tour. Just listening to them now I can’t believe the funk – honestly if you haven’t taken the time TUNE IN. They will raise the hairs on your neck and lift you out of any state where you feel that gravity is too strong, they will consume your worries and fears in one gulp in revealing a crucial secret - that only after falling will we understand what it is to fly. They are the sound of defiance, of a struggle overcome, they are the sound that comes after the storm.

Tank and the Bangas keep doing what you’re doing!

Check them out here

Isla Greenwood

Photography:  Kim Welsh