The Internet's Wonder Kid - Steve Lacy

Though his 2017 EP Steve Lacys Demos amounts to only thirteen minutes of music. The co-producer of the Grammy nominated third album from the Internet released while Lacy was still finishing high school, has brought the artist a stunning burst of support and praise.

Steve started his career playing piano on the Internet’s third Album ‘Ego death’. The contribution Lacy brought to the band not only earned him a permanent position within the band but also a major role in the writing and production of the band’s songs. So much so that Lacy earned himself individual production credit on six of the 12 songs on ‘Ego Death’. An album which not only brought the band its break through but also earned them a Grammy nomination.

Lacy has joined several of his young band mates, including Matt Martians and Syd in releasing solo material this year, all of which have received widespread acclaim and popularity. Adding to the grouping belief of the band and its youthful member’s potential.

The success of the EP and his other recently released singles is further exemplified by the fact that the majority of the tracks were not created in an expensive state of the art recording studio, but instead on Lacy’s own iPhone. Lacy expressing his preference for using his phone to produce his music, connecting his guitar and bass via an iRig cable and recording into garage band. Often singing his lyrics straight into his phones mic and using the garage bands default plugins to create his sound.

The EP is full of soulful lyrics, where Lacy shows off his wide vocal range and ability coupled with funk progressions and melodies. Even though he’s only 18 his songs contain immense depth and maturity. The production so well done that it would appear Lacy is accompanied by a full arrangement of musicians, rather than a collection of demos created on an iPhone with the garage band app. The one problem with the songs is that they are so frustratingly short, all the create flavours and melodies appear to be in place just to tease the listener.

The creative collaborations which Lacy has been involved in since the release of his EP and before further solidify the talent of the teenage artist and the Internet. With link ups with the likes of KAYTRANADA & Tyler the Creator. Lacy himself is featured on Tyler’s smash hit new album ‘Flower Boy’, singing alongside Frank Ocean on ‘911/Mr. Lonely’.  

Even more incredible for Lacy is the song ‘PRIDE’ which he contributed to Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Damn’, which he once again, produced on his iPhone. Six months to the release of ‘Damn’ Lacy was only just finishing high school.

Though it is unlikely we will be seeing Lacy in Europe anytime soon, keep an eye out for this young wiz kid’s future releases, if he can achieve what he has so far, barely out of high school, there’s no telling what we can expect from him in the future.

Jack Williams

Photography: Damien Maloney