Live Review: Wolf Alice @ 02 Academy

Britain’s thriving alternative four-piece are back and they’re definitely not being quiet about it. Wolf Alice’s second album ‘Visions Of A Life has burst into the alternative scene with impact: dreamy guitar riffs, grunge anthems, irresistible skanky baselines and bewitching lyrics – all of which effortlessly filled the O2 in an ecstatic vitality.

Filled with an unfailing electric anticipation, the first date of their ‘Visions Of A Life’ tour was a sell-out crowd. Wolf Alice owned both the stage and the audience with their killer tracks; full circle mosh pits by the second song has got to be a record. The artistic stance of Wolf Alice always amazes, as frontwoman Ellie transported the audience to an ethereal dreamland with opening single ‘Heavenward’. Wistful echoes and reverberating melodies oozed into the audience and perfectly presented the motif of life and perspective, which fills the new album. The band’s avant-garde portrait was then ripped into by the magnificently explosive ‘Yuk Foo’. An angst-filled, rebellious two fingers up to the world, ‘Yuk Foo’ is a masterpiece of new-age grunge grit. And the audience thrived off it. Pumping adrenaline and unadulterated guitar filled songs bounced through the venue. Yet again, Wolf Alice prove their gig prestige by creating a seamless connection with the audience as we all screamed lyrics with pride.

Onto the funky beats of ‘Formidable Cool’ and ‘Beautifully Unconventional’, bassist Theo had everyone grooving along with his captivating dance moves, whilst Ellie charmed the audience with beautiful and relatable lyrics. Wolf Alice hold their seal of authenticity as they stretch across varying styles progressing from their debut album ‘My Love Is Cool’. From catchy indie tunes to punk pogo instigator ‘Space & Time’, Wolf Alice continually bring exciting and unique tracks to the stage. With older classics, such as ‘Bros’ and ‘You’re a Germ’ weaved into the explosive gig, fans were gifted a masterfully put together set.   

A buzz filled the O2 as Fluffy fuzzed to end, a sea of glitter, sweat and smiles: Wolf Alice triumphed yet again. The ‘Visions Of A Life’ tour is set to thrill the county as Wolf Alice’s alternative flair prevails.

(And a heads-up to all Bristolians, The Hatchet is the place to be to grab a bevvy with the band beforehand!)

Laura Mallinson

Photography: Yana Amur