Preview: The Yellow Days Festival

The Yellow Days is a platform and a freeform, handing a megaphone to those who want to say that we do not support division and that we do not support oppression. Within The Yellow Days we explore what we can learn from each other through our differences and what we can learn when our ears are open to different narratives, with the hope our narratives and stories will be heard by the masses. We are on a mission – to make sure no song goes unsung and no tune unheard in times of crisis, loss, oppression, and unsettlement.

This summer saw the first ever Yellow Days festival in Leros in Greece, an island inhabited by roughly 600 refugees who live alongside the local Greek population. The Yellow Days created a safe space for families, musicians, friends, locals, the lost, disheartened, confused, in love, exiled…anyone and everyone was invited to come and dance, sing, play and create together, a space where political identity was forgotten and expression embraced. It worked, and over four days the event drew together people from all over the world to share their stories and build connections and networks. This event was a success and we want it to happen again – beyond Leros, in other refugee settlements and in our own towns and cities. The Yellow Days relies entirely on fundraising events and donations and is made of a team of highly resourceful individuals so every penny that is spent will stretch far and wide to the places where it is needed the most.

The Yellow Days believe that in the face of mass migration and unsettlement – of which we have only just seen the beginning – we need to focus more than ever on the things that unite: music, dance, laughter, art, stories… The Yellow Days is open to it all. We want to remind the world that we are a people who dance to the rhythm of change, instead of driving ourselves through motives sourced from fear. We enjoy the spontaneity of the beat and do not fear moving in new ways to renavigate the shifting shape of our communities

The Yellow Days is an untiring celebration of connecting people heart to heart and as winter approaches the Yellow Days wants to extend an invitation to you to come and warm your souls in a secret riverside location outside of Bristol. The festival season is over and most of us are bored of the sweaty black boxes offered to us as places to enjoy ourselves at the weekends, so why not take a break from the city and join us for the ‘Yellow Days Fire Festival’ – expect no less than burning sculpture, drumming, workshops, vegan food and local brews. In addition to some of Bristol's finest sounds ranging from resident DJs from Shak Out and Dropout disco to fireside jams from Mairaj and the family and our headliner Sepia who tells us he is arriving with surprises....

Tickets are limited and on sale now for £20 – the ticket price includes return bus transport so we think this is a bargain, and remember every penny goes to building beautiful celebratory environments for refugees, locals and creative worldwide – so we think this is pretty good value.

Can’t wait to dance with you all….hope to see some of you this weekend

Love from

Yellow Days Crew

Article: Isla Greenwood