Stony Browder Jr. @ N-16, London

I last saw Stony Browder Jr. in the height of summer at Secret Garden Party. Having travelled across London in artic conditions in mid-January, my experience last weekend could not have been more different. Despite the cold and wintery conditions, however, the energy and presence of this band on stage was reminiscent of that warm summer evening.

The performance began with the lead singer, Lorne Ashley, stating his feelings about the world. He conveyed how important it is not to see individuals as different just because they live in different nations or have different coloured skin. This was emphasised by the subsequent performance of the song ‘Strike’.

The show continued with songs from their old EP including ‘Let the jungle grow’ and ‘The right honourable Gentlemen’. They also gave the crowd a preview of songs from their new EP including ‘Winter’s paradise’ and ‘Central line’.

Despite the fact that all their songs voice strong opinions about politics, society, and laws - all of which have the potential to cause division amongst listeners;  Stony Browder Jr, however,  manage to share their outlooks in a inclusive way rather than through the alienation of people with opposing views. This is emulated by Stony Browder Jr’s uniqueness and oneness. Their open and loving characters shine through their work and, combined with their upbeat music, it is impossible not to dance and smile when watching this united performance.

This gig fell under  ‘Independent Venue Week’, a week which raises money for small musical venues. It is bands like Stony Browder Jnr. who stress how important it is to keep these venues open so artists can continue to perform and grow.

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