Menace Beach, Live at Rise Bristol

I was fortunate enough to catch Leeds based five piece ‘Menace Beach’ free of charge at Rise Music on Queens Road in the early evening. Despite being a five piece, the entire band were not in attendance missing a drummer and a bassist. The distinct lack of these key parts did force a few songs to suffer. However, disregarding this Menace Beach still performed a set that was enjoyable and relaxed leaving the crowd in high spirits performing songs from both their new album, ‘Lemon Memory’ and their first album ‘Ratworld.’ ‘Lemon Memory’ (released 20th January) boasts a new fortified and refined sound with eerily creepy songs such as ‘Maybe We’ll Drown.’ A far cry from the tracks found on their first album such as ‘Tastes Like Medicine’ which are filled with more gusto and zest than the melodies on ‘Lemon Memory.’ However, amusingly the title ‘Lemon Memory’ was provoked by Ryan and Liza’s realisation, whilst reading a book concerning cults on holiday in Ibiza, that a group of arbitrary lemons left on the doorstep of their house could have left a “lemon curse.” 

 If you missed them in Bristol catch them on their February UK Tour.

 Video: Menace Beach, Tastes Like Medicine -

As well as being a live music venue, Rise Music is also an independent record shop. Increasingly it is becoming more important to support small stores like this as they are becoming even more unusual. Fundamentally though it is worth keeping an eye on the free gigs that take place at Rise Music. Last term artists such as Twin Peaks, Ultimate Painting and Julia Jacklin all took to the stage there. 

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