Review: Smoove and Turrell

Review: Smoove and Turrell

The Northern Funk band Smoove and Turrell descended to Bristol’s Exchange performing their newest album Crown Posada. The set took off from the word go, with John Turrell owning the mic with his soulful voice and socially informed lyricism. Watson (Smoove), Turrell’s right-hand man and the supplier of Nothern banter, laid down the afro-beat, bringing Northern originality to the performance.

They were not shy to draw on their numerous influences from their years of experience. They have mastered the execution of the unlikely fusion of funk, northern soul and hip-hop. This has resulted in a unique sound and a vast collaboration of genres. Smoove and Turrell is wide reaching and appealing to anyone with an ear for a beat.

Despite their music having the potential to attract a wide demographic, the crowd was noticeably of an older generation, however, this did not detract from the bands magnetic energy and the crowds overwhelming reception, these Geordies were sure ready to hit the toon!

What was most striking about the performance was that each musician was given their own spotlight and every band member had their own style and pizzazz. Most notably Mike Porter with his bowl hairdo who laid down the rifts on his retro keyboard with his toes! This style of performance was reminiscent of the ‘good ol days’ of by-gone era rockers, the place was swinging! Perhaps leading to a incongruent performance, but entertaining nonetheless. The show reached its zenith ending with the crowd begging for more, with their radio 1 acclaimed smash hit Will You Be Mine.

Shannon Sturm and Ben Seedhouse