Interview: By the Rivers

Interview: By the Rivers

Caught up with Jordon from ‘By the Rivers’ during their tour, who answered some questions about their music and life in the music industry:

So, I first came across you guys last summer, my friend put your song ‘This Love’ on a CD for me. Can you tell me a bit more about how it all started? How did the band get together?

Um, well it started around six years really. Nile and I started writing some reggae tunes together, and then we got a few of the boys who we knew from home, the music scene and school involved and started doing a few gigs, and yea, it kinda went from there.

Together you produce quite a mixture of music, in the sense that you cover quite a few different genres. What have you found has been the main influence behind your music?

Our surroundings has definitely had an impact on our music. Coming from Leicester, there is a massive diversity within the city. I mean the basis of our music is reggae, we all have a common love for reggae. But, with there being six of us in the band, everyone has their favourite style or ideas, and therefore together our music just comes together. Our music is a mixture between our tastes our surroundings and where we are from.

With there being six of you, when it comes to writing and producing music, is it difficult or hard to do?

When it comes to the music, we are very good at listening to each other, which is very important when it comes to band life. It comes in different waves. For example, Nile will come in with an idea, and we will work on it. I mean, we are always chatting with each other. We all have been on the road so many times together, and so, over time, we have a better understanding on how each other work, and the type of music each of us are in to. Therefore it tends to just flow a lot more easily now.

I saw you guys at Secret Garden Party this summer, but over the last couple of years you have also supported some big acts including:  Jamie Cullum; Michael Kiwanuka and Madness. What has been your favourite performance to date?

I can’t put one down really, because there have been so many, for so many different reasons, in different surroundings with different crowds. Glastonbury was an amazing experience because it is a festival that every fan and every musician sets as one of their goals. So to do that was incredible. But we have also done smaller festivals for example, Lamar Tree which is always a crazy one to play at. So yea, no preference really.

What do you prefer, playing at festivals, or inside at a venue for example Thekla, Bristol?

I don’t prefer either to be honest, they are both very different. When a band is performing in a venue, most the people there are people who know you, and know your music and therefore it creates a more intermediate feeling, and more effort goes into the show in terms of lighting etc. While at festivals, it is just good vibes. Everyone is there to have a good time and there are so many random, amazing people. It’s so different really.

So, In May, you released your new EP ‘what you see’ how did this feel?

We were really excited, although we are always writing it has been a while since we last produced something. So yea, we were really excited. This release was followed by a tour in May which went really well, and then this summer was filled with a number of festivals.

 I swear you guys are always touring you don’t stop?

Ha! Yea, well this year has been a lot less, we have dedicated this year more to the music, and getting stuff written and produced, to then push again. We were touring for three years non-stop, so we needed this year’s break to slow it down a little bit and to produce some new material, because we have a lot of new influences as well, and we have just been sitting on it.

So going back to your music writing, what is your favourite song you guys have produced?

Um, again, I don’t have one. Every song means different things to me. Whenever you write a new song it always becomes your favourite because it is so fresh, and they are all totally different. They all have different feels. So I can never put my finger on it.

You guys, have been producing music for a while now, can you give a little insight to Intermission readers about life in the music industry?

I mean, I have always been positive about it, although there are lot of negatives out there with people trying to scam you and stuff. This year, we have seen a few of the negative sides, so this year has been quite difficult, but you learn from it and it is so important to stay positive. It is a lot of fun, you will always will come across an idiot who is trying to get money off you, it is just your role to try and spot that.

Well Jordon, thank you for your time, and I look forward to seeing you guys on the 19th November in Bristol.

Yea, cheers Georgia, see you then.


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