Maddy Harrington

The artwork I produce is generally inspired by abstract expressionism. I work from a desired concept, in this case the Sublime, that in turn influences the colours and marks I make. As defined by the OED, the adjective ‘sublime’ (in terms of ‘things in nature and art’) is, ‘affecting the mind with a sense of overwhelming grandeur or irresistible power; calculated to inspire awe, deep reverence or lofty emotion, by reason of its beauty, vastness, or grandeur’. Throughout the years, the notion of ‘the sublime’ has been heavily debated, and this is what drives my paintings. The significant aim is creating a feeling within my audience that represents the topic I am addressing. This is important to me as I want the viewer to feel overwhelmed when looking at my paintings. Therefore, reigniting a sense of the sublime in the viewer.

Recently, I have transitioned into oil paints my, now, preferred medium. I feel it best illustrates the energy I wish to portray. ‘Movement’ in my work is a critical factor. When working with paint I am driven by the way the medium can be manipulated but also, works to its own rules. I, additionally, use pastels and charcoal for my pieces as these mediums create further energies that are hard to mimic with just one technique. I wish to translate personal moments in my life when I have experienced the Sublime. By reliving these memories, I will let the paint lead this emotional experience and hopefully take its viewer with it.

I am inspired by a strong focus on mediums, materials and application of paint. I enjoy this thoroughly. My most recent pieces are very experimental, exploring a variety of brush sizes/shapes, and new mediums such as Oil paint mixed with Alkaflow, to give the paint a beautiful glossy appearance.