Lewd Jaw

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Azerty is lewdjaw's first self-published text

///When DeNiro and Cassel are placed opposite each other, there's a jarring, a weird slippage, not so different to that of the dubbed foreign film, and yet something else. In dialogue. The (un)translation does not place itself at the centre of things, but is rather outside facing in, like the mirror in both La Haine and Taxi Driver, it calls in as an echo to the original. The schizophrenic . The footage pulses and parts, like ripples on the mirror. We are the outsider again, but we don't want to change, content looking in, we become Vinz or Travis on the edges. We are simultaneously part of it, AND we are not. We want to understand and yet we don't, it's that tension.///

Broken painting series (2017) Acrylic Plastic, vinyl transfers, and aluminium frames