I:M@Beets n' Roots

I:M@Beets n' Roots

Drinks: 8  Atmosphere: 7  Food: 8.5  Overall: 8

A wannabe food photographer's rainbow dream, a symphony of high vitality deliciousness and a wood-clad, upcycled, health-hub-hideaway: Beets n' Roots a recent addition to Cotham Hill’s arsenal of cosy indie comforts will rejuvenate your mind, body and soul with their texture-laden, nutrient-rich plates, freshly squeezed juices and all manner of invigorating plant-based elixirs.

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Offering all things nutritional with a capital N, Beets n’ Roots explores a wide range of raw, veggie and vegan deli delights – far more adventurous and colourful than your typical falafel or butternut salad. All your possible health-kick needs are ready to be rewarded here, with a strong emphasis on local and fresh ingredients, a sliding scale of hand-pressed juices and creamy dairy-free lattes.

Upon entering, we were welcomed by a team of smiles and a soundtrack of boho tunes, making it all too easy to soak up those desirable clean, lean hippie vibes. The place was busy for a weekday lunch, with yoga mums sipping on coconut lattes and students wiping salad bowls clean. Beets n’ roots is the place to be if you’re on a mission for a January detox, with a menu boasting rainbow smoothie bowls, raw noodle salads and their very own mojito style ‘Kefir’ water. You’re also encouraged to satisfy your sweet tooth, with home-made hazelnut and cacao spread on toast, mini vegan chocolate cakes and organic cacao truffles. There’s plenty of choice as to where you enjoy your dosage of health - whether its zoning out on the charming sundeck or curling up with a book in the relaxation lounge (admitting to the frosty January climate, we went for the latter).

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Want to try Bristol’s most Instragramable salad? Then order the Buddha bowl: perfectly balanced, high vitality, brilliantly nourishing and more colourful than Elmer the patchwork elephant's party pants. It’s a colourful spectacle of salad leaves with lemon quinoa, raw Asian noodles, ginger and garlic sautéed kale, turmeric and cinnamon roasted sweet potatoes, basil roasted tomatoes, house slaw, chili chickpeas, pumpkin seeds, pine nuts, sauerkraut, hummus and a drizzle of Argan oil *exhales*. We agreed the roasted sweet potatoes were the stand-out - especially when smothered in hummus – and the ginger and garlic sautéed kale was indeed as mouth-watering as it sounds. Its ability to be filling, healthy and delicious, with a variety of flavours with every bite, shows itself to be a serious front-runner in the contest for the most creative vegan dish in the area.

We washed our Buddha bowls down and boosted the immunity with an orange, turmeric, carrot and ginger juice, a lovely alternative to the more typically prescribed super green or red juice. Another drink tempting me to visit twice is the mojito style kefir water, a home-made blend of elderflower, mint leaves and ice– albeit only in time to catch some rays on their leafy green sundeck.

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Anyone in search of avo and super sprout toast fulfilment, cleansing your body with the cream of broccoli soup or exploring unfamiliar regions with the raw veggie lasagne, you’re sure to leave feeling nourished from the inside out. Beets n’ Roots may just be the ultimate health-hub for students, and the perfect place to see you through January.                                                                                             

Helen Salter