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Atmosphere: 7  Food: 8  Drink: 7  Overall: 7.5

The pizza competition is hotting up all over Bristol, and the Workshop’s second restaurant (now open on Whiteladies road) is a strong competitor. Without knocking your socks off, these guys are serving up proper pizzas. It's a great place to take parents for an early evening supper, or to make the most of their £10 student offer for a pizza plus a beer from Monday to Friday, which is also available on Deliveroo.

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Note: students can now get 10% off at all hours


Pizza Workshop’s menu is well kitted out with a variety of mouth-watering toppings. Authentic Italian ingredients feature heavily on the menu, along with a range of Mediterranean add-ons, sides and light-bites. Anchovies, caramelised onions, and olives get the ball rolling. Marinated artichokes, roasted aubergines, wild mushrooms and roasted red peppers raise the game, before meaty heavy hitters such as chorizo, parma ham and Dutch goats' cheese bring it home. The Workshop know how to make a damn good pizza, with a crispy sourdough crust cooked perfectly all the way through. No slop served here. The toppings are generous, and genuinely filling without piling on the oil. The extra toppings on offer really add range to their repertoire, although don't come too cheaply at £2 a pop. On the subject of oil though, I couldn't help but think that Pizza Workshop could step up their chilli oil game - with pizza joints like The White Rabbit in Clifton offering the fresh stuff practically on tap. 

The rest of the menu on offer at Pizza Workshop adds another dimension. With Deli and cheese sharing boards, as well as enticing sourdough sandwiches served until 5pm all at £5.50, there is more on offer than their namesake suggests. Their clean, minimalistic interior and sunny outside eating area make this a great place for late lunches too, washed down with a pretty nice glass of wine (at around £4-5.50 a glass). All things considered, this is a smart but safe place to bring visiting parents.

Pizza Workshop’s price point leaves them slightly in limbo compared to the other pizzerias in Bristol. Their more basic (but very tasty) pizzas on the student deal, numbers 1-5, come in at around £10, (granted, a beer is included as previously mentioned). While this is pretty good value for money, it's still hard to compete money-wise with The White Rabbit's Monday and Tuesday 2-for-1 offer, which is highly competitive and much more in line with student purse strings. The Workshop’s premium, jazzy-topped pizzas (numbers 6-10), move up to £12-£13. These prices creep into the same price range as Bosco Pizzeria - the Ferraris of Clifton pizza whose attention to the quality of ingredients is second to none. 

Whilst serving up very respectable pizza, Pizza Workshop needs to find its niche in a crowded market where low prices and high-end product have already been cornered. Adding authenticity to their design could be a start, and making it more of an experience to eat pizza with them would really help. Their ‘pizza making parties’ for children actually looks really fun, and is open to bigger, slightly shaggier uni kids too. The fact that their menu runs almost all day is another highlight, and their venue and interior doubles up very nicely as a coffee shop too, so yeah, there are positives for sure. You don’t get to open up a second restaurant in the same city without bringing home the bacon, and the Workshop clearly know how to do their thing. Overall I'd say that Pizza Workshop make good, tasty pizzas... waiting to be taken to another level. 


www.pizzaworkshop.co.uk                                                             159A Whiteladies Road



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