_About: TRVNK

Trvnk is an independent clothing brand trying its best to produce the sexiest pieces for young gangsters.

Influenced by international culture (Eastern Europe in specific), they combine fashion with political, philosophical and humours aspects of life. The end goal of their project is to expand into a creative platform which will attract and represent young, talented people through all spheres of the art world. At moment, they are looking for and building a team of vibrant, enthusiastic characters who are keen to work with us on content that shocks, amazes and allures people. Exhibited here are snippets from lookbooks and a preview of the work from artists who will be joining the creative platform, expected to release in May. All products for sale can be found on the website.

We will be combining with trvnk for a night of music and art from young creatives on 28th April in the Elemental Collective, Stokes Croft. Come down to see more of TRVNK's clothing and artists, all are welcome.

Find out more on the Facebook event.

Shop trvnk at: https://www.trvnk.co.uk 

Instagram: officialtrvnk

Images by Daniel Delikatnyi, Arthur Bowem, and Kimi Zoet.