Dressing Up A Jumpsuit

Dressing Up A Jumpsuit

An outfit in one go, no separates involved. It feels boyish and sexy at the same time. A petrol blue jumpsuit was just the thing to fill the (not so) gaping hole in my wardrobe for the many days I stare blankly and wonder how I've ever gotten dressed before.


The thought that goes in to putting two and two together can feel a tad try hard. Usually because it is. What's worse, the more thought, the worse the look. But with a jumpsuit, it's two legs in and out the door, with some sprucing up round the edges for good measure. Big pockets, double zipper, starchy stiff collar. Baggy and loose fitting, you could wear pyjamas underneath and no one would know. It's the winter version of a throw on tea dress, and a bleached out leg on mine adds to the charm. 

Having searched for a boiler suit for years, they're now everywhere I look. With utility dressing returning as a trend for recent seasons in the form of oversized trenches, shirts and a few frightening paper bag trousers, the jumpsuit has often found itself over complicated and over priced: Burberry's lace appliqué detailing takes work wear overalls into alien territory at £1,995 for AW17. The luxury of utility dressing is dressing it up, not having it all done for you. You can't do much better than a Dickie's number for forty quid, but I hunted down the perfect overalls in an overpriced vintage shop in Brighton. 

Jumpsuits needn't be lazy. There's something to be said for the versatility of an all in one. Pair with a cropped faux fur jacket, and voilà- cargo pants. Dress up with silk navy sock boots, suede mustard mules, or down with a fisherman's knit. But the good old jumpsuit plays its role best with a pair of Converse and dangling costume earrings: home front utility dressing becomes modern day attire, without the naff designer embellishments.

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