Dylan Woodall

Instagram: deedoubley00

Lately, I’ve mainly been using my illustrations to highlight key features of environments and spaces I spend a lot of my time in. I don’t create the images for the purpose of capturing a true-to-size scale of each room - I find it more interesting to be selective in terms of what I choose to record. Often, I begin by finding a spot to observe from that is fairly unusual in itself. Once I’ve managed to grasp basic shapes and key features, I’ll start to add smaller details and sometimes imaginary elements within the scene. The moments I intend to depict in my drawings usually lack human life. There’s something I love about presenting the scene as if it has been recently occupied but, the occupier is now elsewhere taking part in everyday, mundane tasks around the house. Or alternatively, they might’ve gone to make a brew or go to sleep. It’s my intention to make it seem as if I’m the one left behind; absorbing the silence and emptiness of a vacant room