Photographer: Francesca Warley

insta: chescajwarley



"With our hands, we shape our future and record our past. In them lies our history, they are souvenirs of our own personal experiences. To me, they symbolise human endeavour, creation and resilience. They are alluring and bizarre, both delicate and robust. In John’s hands is etched his weathered, wind-beaten journey of a life at sea. As he told me about his life, I saw how much those hands had seen, touched, dealt with and harbour, and where in the world they had allowed him to explore.

The feature includes hands from members of a jazz band I play in. The saxophone is a self-portrait of my own hands. To see the music that we play reflected in the single moment of a photograph I think shows the blend of power and delicacy that our hands possess.

This project deals with the multiple uses of our hands and the consequential effects they endure. I wanted to depict how we use them to our most productive ends. Hopefully I have managed to portray the beauty in their necessity to our survival and success, and how they represent the overall incredible force of the human body."