Arts Team

“Has anybody ever seen a drama critic in the daytime? Of course not. They come out after dark, up to no good.” 
― P.G Wodehouse



Editor: George Ruskin


George is a polyglot critic, columnist, blogger, broadcaster, and environmental ambassador. He has reviewed the full spectrum of art performance and exhibition for a variety of publications - read all his pieces here. As editor, it is his job to represent I:M at premieres, exhibitions, receptions and press nights, as well as to forge new links with theatres, companies and cultural institutions nationwide. He can be found on his website, and on Twitter and Instagram @ruskinism.

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Edinburgh editor: CLODAGH CHAPMAN

Clodagh is a perpetually over-caffeinated dramaturg and theatre critic who is excited by messy stages, loud music and experimental narrative forms. She studies MA Theatre Criticism and Dramaturgy at the Royal Central School of Speech Drama, and is an Associate Director at Bedlam Chorus. She can be found on on her website, and on Twitter and Instagram @CloChpmn.



Ellie is a perpetually exhausted student of psychology. She is I:M’s Opinions editor, a passionate consumer of film and theatre, and is prolifically online. Follow her on Twitter @elliefernyhough.


virginia campbell

Virginia is a critic of food and theatre, reviewing London’s best al fresco venues. Always ready with a restaurant or recipe recommendation, she was appointed Epigram’s Food Editor in May 2019. Catch her on Twitter @justataster or on Instagram @ginicooks.



Leah is a film specialist, Instagram content creator, and vegan food blogger. A prolific performance arts critic, Leah writes her reviews from a place of boundless inspiration and creativity: bed. Follow her on Instagram @leah.martindale.


claudia jackson

A francophile learning to love German, Claudia is a linguist off to Paris to live six flights up sans ascenseur, eat a croissant a day and spend her out-of-office hours at the theatre, taking I:M Theatre overseas for the first time.



Alice is a vet who, when not elbow deep in all kinds of unmentionables, loves to escape to the theatre now and again. She loves nothing more than being immersed in someone else’s story for a few hours, and she is extremely partial to a good old-fashioned rollicking musical.


Editor-AT-LARGE: Esther bancroft

From Durham and thus born with an innate pretentious streak, Esther journeyed south and joined the I:M team. She served as theatre editor, and is now based in London, bringing I:M Theatre to the capital’s best venues. For all the latest, follow her on Instagram @esther_bancroft.

deputy editor: milly randall


Milly is an English student who naturally procrastinates from essay writing with endless think pieces and reviews. A feminist undercurrent will always be sniffed out and appreciated by Milly. She’s reviewed and written for all corners of Bristol’s critical scene and is not yet finished. Follow her on Twitter @_millyrandall.



Emma is a playwright, writer and theatre critic who specialises in feminist theatre. A proud northerner, she works with Arts.Train and The Tobacco Factory as a writer for their Spark Fest. She was long listed for the Out-Spoken Prize for Poetry in Film. Find her on Twitter @emrogerson.


Miles Jackson

Miles has been writing reviews since he was 14. He has written for online publications such as The London Economic and Ed Fringe Review, and in print for the Ham & High newspaper and Epigram, where in 2018, he was a deputy Film & TV editor. That same year, he directed the comedy show Plenty of Linguine at Home, which played a full three-week run at the Edinburgh Fringe.


Kate Valentine Crisp

Physical theatre and choreography is the game, Kate Crisp is the name. Known for her talent of sniffing out fun and off-the wall events, Kate’s love for music and drama and her keen nose for a vibe has led her to some of the quirkiest and most exciting productions in town. She studies at LAMDA. Follow her on Twitter @KValentineC.



Minnie has long had a passion for theatre; at I:M, she has reviewed some of the most cutting-edge theatrical performances. She is Writing Rep. for Bristol Spotlights and a reviewer for Ed Fringe Review, and has the inside scoop of performances destined for the Edinburgh Fringe. Follow her on Twitter @minnieclairecun.



Eden is an aficionado, actor and artist. A passionate consumer of the arts, Eden has experienced both sides: on stage and in the reviewer’s seat. They have worked extensively with Theatretrain. Follow Eden on Twitter @ejpeppercorn.



Sabrina is a theatre enthusiast, aficionado and opinionated audience member who loves bold, experimental and immersive theatre. Follow her on Twitter @SabriSun_Miller.