Bubble Show for Adults Only - Edinburgh Fringe

Bubble Show for Adults Only - Edinburgh Fringe

This review is a verbatim transcription of Emma and Charlie’s discussion in the smoking area of the venue, recorded drunk.

Charlie Graff: The bubble show is an erotic adventure about discovering your inner freak. It’s powerful, it’s emotive, it will make you question the very things that you thought were the pillars of your identity.

Emma Rogerson: In what way, Charlie?

CG: It forces you to engage with a side of yourself that is sexually attracted to bubbles. You don’t want to believe that side of yourself exists but it does exist, and when you see the bubble show, you can’t look away. You must deal with the fact that you are now attracted to bubbles and bubble-related dick jokes. You will never be able to unthink that thought about yourself. And that’s why I think the bubble show is the greatest erotic experience you can have at the fringe.

ER: Personally, I think the girl is fantastic-

CG: She’s amazing.

ER: I think she has a lot of, like, flexibility and strength and I also think the guy is pretty fantastic too-

CG: Very attractive / not that that matters

ER: I love a feminine guy, you know?

CG: Yeah. I love-

ER: It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter at all. / But I also completely...

CG: I love a twinkish dude. If you love twinkish dudes...

ER: I liked the narrative arc in the sense that I really really appreciate that they got back together after they discovered their kinks at the end. That’s really important. I also think. What do I think? Goodness they’re attractive. #hotgay, that’s important, we’ll talk about that tomorrow.

CG: Indeed. Also, also, it’s got a certain sense of humour that I feel like is lacking from many other shows because it’s willing to engage with the sort of like um crass silly sexual vibes.

ER: Yeah. And the fact that neither of them like properly talk as well. I think is really interesting in terms of like communication of like sexuality. Like do you ever really talk about what you want sexually?

CG: Yeah it conveys the clownishness of having sex. Because it’s a clown show.

ER and CG: About sex!

CG: With bubbles!

ER: Which is the best kind of clown sex show, right?

CG: Exactly. Every clown show should be a clown sex show- every show should be a clown sex show. The fact that they even make shows about sex that aren’t clown shows is preposterous.

ER: I think that was fantastic. And I think anything that gives- women and men need to talk about their sexuality. What they want out of sex and what sex is and what intimacy is and what kinks are is so important.

CG: Yeah, I think it’s actually a really politically important show. The Bubble Show for Adults- the Bubble show for Adults only is very politically important.

ER: I wouldn’t take a kid to that though.

CG: I don’t think you’re allowed to.

ER: I thought the intricacies of the bubble nets was quite interesting. I thought the use of them sometimes when they used them as a big WOAAAH one versus like a minimal blop blop- you know?

CG: Yeah yeah, it’s very dazzling as a visual experience.

ER: That is a good word, dazzling. I was also a massive fan of the pop culture music.

CG: Yeah yeah. It uses pop culture in a very smart way. It conveys sexuality through the medium of pop culture in a very intelligent way that uses the fact that it is at its heart a clown show to talk about that kind of thing. I’m out of words. But yeah, it does do that.

ER: I do think it’s an odd choice to use the Buffalo Bill thing because he is a murderer, in that hit franchise Silence of the Lambs. However, it is a really nice moment. I think if I was male-identifying, I think I would struggle with like exhibiting that kind of fetish. So I think it’s quite healthy to have a way to look at it.

CG: I think it’s a smart way- using the Buffalo Bill thing, it’s a smart way of doing that, because before he does it, you know what he’s going to do.  You know what I mean, ‘cos you’re like “he’s using the thing from Silence of the Lambs, I wonder if he’s going to-”, and then he does and you’re like “WOOAH”.

ER: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Well, I guess then maybe it’s more of a thing about sexual expectations and what you- how you discuss and exchange and acknowledge kinks.

CG: Bubble Show for Adults.

ER: Bubble Show for Adults.

CG: Bubble Show for Adults.

ER: Five stars.

CG: Five stars.

ER: Excellent.

CG: Excellent. Friendship, erotic experience, um, a great message for the kids.

ER: It’s a yes from me.

Charlie Graff and Emma Roberson