The Bristol Suspensions: Aca-rrested - Edinburgh Fringe

The Bristol Suspensions: Aca-rrested - Edinburgh Fringe

The Bristol Suspensions are a force to be reckoned with in the world of acapella. Talented, well-practiced and pitch perfect, there is no note this group can’t hit and no melody they cannot mimic.

Their show is funny, fabulous and fantastic. It seamlessly combines acting, dancing and singing, effortlessly showing off just how talented the cast of performers were. Somewhat surprisingly in an acapella show, the performers are incredibly impressive actors and dancers. The dialogue between songs is entertaining, witty and well-performed (although at times it does go on for a bit). The dancing was clean and well-rehearsed. It’s clear every individual in this well-oiled machine is a talented triple threat with a voice like a dream.

Frustratingly, it appears as though The Suspensions weren’t prepared to work in a theatre where the audience surrounded them from all sides. Much of their performance was projected forward to audience members who were privileged enough to sit in middle row. I was sat in the very corner of the room, which meant I often couldn’t see the individual performing the solo, and performers were constantly dancing with their backs to me. However, there was a certain amount of intimacy I enjoyed sitting right on the edge of the stage. I could often hear the backing singers more clearly than the soloist, which was interesting, especially because acapella places such a great emphasis on the group and all the performers are constantly working hard. 

Midway through the performance, the boys exited the stage and the girls took control of proceedings. I was plucked from the audience and placed in a chair at the center of the stage as the girls danced around me. I had a wonderful time in what was easily the best seat in the house and remain incredibly impressed by the professionalism of the performance. The friendship between the group of performers was palpable and they seemed to genuinely be enjoying themselves. This close-knit group of friends ensured the audience was having as much as fun as they were, constantly interacting with the us, smirking and winking as they twirled around the stage. 

As someone who has no experience reviewing music, I feel somewhat underqualified to judge this show, however, I can undoubtedly and unreservedly say that I thought the entire performance was absolutely brilliant. I adored every aspect of the show and was thoroughly impressed by all of the performances. Every song choice was magnificent, every note was effortlessly hit. Though my ears may be untrained, everything sounded beautiful to me. The harmonies were well-practiced, individual performances were stunning and the rifts were well tuned. I was especially impressed by the cover of ‘No Way’ from Six the musical. It was a brilliant show and everyone must get tickets now!

Sabrina Miller