Voices of Lions - Edinburgh Fringe

Voices of Lions - Edinburgh Fringe

Voices of Lions, the all-male vocal group made up of students and alumni of Hampton School, is by all means a very accomplished ensemble of young performers. Having taken a show to the Edinburgh Fringe every year since 2013, this year performing in Old Saint Paul's Church, they have a (perhaps rightful) air of confidence about them as they open their final performance of the run.

In addition to the more classical repertoire of hymns and sea shanties, Voices of Lions also make occasional forays into contemporary pop. Bohemian Rhapsody makes an appearance, and - in a nod to its youth-guided ethos - several of the pieces were new arrangements, penned by members of the choir. Whilst leaning into the venue’s spiritual melodrama, Voices of Lions aren’t afraid to have fun with their staging: from inventive use of loudspeakers to all-out choreography.

Voices of Lions also evidently have some serious vocal talent amongst their ranks, performing capably as both as a fourty-strong collective and when split off into smaller, chamber-choir-esque groups. Several young people also take on challenging solo parts, all performed with confidence and verve.

All in all, Voices of Lions’ 2019 fringe performance was a real joy; they have proven themselves to be a first-rate school choir, and they are definitely worth keeping up with.

Clodagh Chapman