Hot Flush - Edinburgh Fringe

Hot Flush - Edinburgh Fringe

Hot Flush is a cheeky and touching play that delves into the wonderous world of female friendships. If you have the chance to see this vivacious and energetic comedy, then make sure you do: you’ll be sure to leave with a smile on your face, and with a better understanding of what it means to be a friend.

 The skill from all of the performers was undoubtedly impressive. This all-star cast of gifted and charming entertainers was wonderful to watch. Whilst some roles definitely enabled more flamboyant performances, all of the actresses were undeniably brilliant. Charlotte Bartholomew’s portrayal of Nina easily stole the show.  Mouth caked in thick lipstick, heels almost as high as her ponytail, Bartholomew embodied her character down to her French manicured nails. With her high-pitched squeal and condescending cackle, every one of her lines left me chuckling. She danced across the stage, carelessly cutting away at the other women, judging their every decision callously. I was, however, irritated when at the end of the play, the writers tried to redeem Nina with her very own sob story; it felt frustratingly forced. Kate Crisp, alarmingly, nailed her role as the paralytic liability of the group (Pippa). Adorned in a pink feather boa, she clumsily tripped across the stage as her wild drunken antics proved increasingly messy and manic. From beating up bouncers to drunken brunches, she perfectly embodied the friend no-one wants to be stuck with on a night out! Eden as the quick-witted, sarcastic sibling (Hannah), managed to puncture awkward silences with random bits of absurdity and inject a bit of humour into some of the slightly more tense  moments. I just wish they’d been given a bit more stage time, and the oddities of their fascinating character explored slightly more! 

The script too was loads of fun - a great concept with so much potential, featuring everything from penis pasta, to ingrown hairs to everyone’s favourite blow-up doll (Kyle) - and I thought the writing was truly impressive: fresh and funny. The set was also excellent. Everything was appropriately pink; rosy streamers glistened from the curtains and a blush toilet stall lined the stage. The set designer should be proud! 

 Overall, Hot Flush is an original and hysterical piece of new-writing. Make sure to get a ticket and be prepared for a sizzling show!

Sabrina Miller