Show & Tell: New and Inviting Open Mic Comedy with a difference.

Last time I went to see some comedy, the embarrassment clung to me for days after. In a pub in North London, it was all going swimmingly well as some friends and I were all laughing as the various sketches unfolded before us. That is until my phone started, very LOUDLY, to ring. My frantic scramble to find it and turn it off was alas not frantic enough, and the remainder of the comedy night revolved around me: being grilled by the comedians on who was calling, why? What was so important? For the rest of the night, the joke was me.

So turning up at The Wardrobe Theatre last night, you can understand why I felt strangely nervous. However, settling down by the cosy fire in the corner of the bar in the foyer, I began to relax. Surrounded by candles, dark wooden panelling, velvety red curtains and the glow of the fire, I acknowledged the power and success of mood lighting. The atmosphere was gorgeous.

After a drink or two it was time to go through to the theatre. Show and Tell it set up by two sisters Sophie and Lucy Bishop, the premise being a friendly and encouraging comedy night that reacts against laddy banter and its emphasis on bad penis jokes. First up was Sophie Bishop, who set the tone perfectly. She told us about the hardships of being an older sister (although it’s definitely an advantage to get the womb first, she declared) before a string of other comedians stood up, getting funnier and funnier. ‘We are all just bits of fluff in God’s belly button’ was another line that sent ripples of laughter through the audience, which turned raucous as the night went on. The hilarity, diversity, silliness and good humour reminded me why I love this funny old city called Bristol.

It’s incredibly uplifting to leave somewhere having laughed constantly for about two hours. I left with my mood soaring: and not just from relief at having successfully muted my phone and avoided the limelight. Sides aching, I left with one question: when can I go again? 

Tara Cairns

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Show & Tell use some beautiful paint illustrations to publicise their shows. 

Show & Tell use some beautiful paint illustrations to publicise their shows.