Art Intermission


Art Intermission

In the run up to our next event More Than x Helicon x Inter:Mission : Painting By Numbers, we meet the artists getting involved. 

Emma Margaret Walton: Photography, Drawing, Painting.

What do you study?


Do you associate yourself with a particular genre or artist?

Fuck...Okay well, I'm going to go rather for artists who I've been exposed to recently rather than formative ones, so Joan Jonas and Jonna Kina, a Finnish artist who works with video and robot made sculptures. I'm really into performance art at the moment, like Ana Mendieta. Radical body artists who push feminism and art activism to its limits. But, also I love classic paintings like Caravaggio and Artemisia Gentileschi.



Do you have anything you try and communicate through your work?

In most of my drawings, I'm trying to just express the feelings that all people, especially women, feel when we're trying to figure out how the fuck to be in the world without causing massive amounts of pain to ourselves and those around us. When we feel so much but don't know how to deal with it. So much love, growth, desire, discomfort, grief and mostly the sense I had that my body was not my own. That it's been taken, slowly, mentally and socially from me through media, male gaze, slow intrinsic acts of violence.



Do you have any interests outside of art?

Landscapes inspire me a lot. Open, wild spaces with raw, untapped land and air have a sense of potential, anonymity. So I like walking and hiking and being outside generally. I love cities, but that's more for a thrill and the feeling of disappearing. In landscapes I can be exposed and vulnerable but accepted, despite everything. In cities I feel unseen, invisible and I like that.

Also, eating is a hobby. It's a very large part of life. The sensual in the everyday and rituals...eating is a ritual that holds all my ideas of socialising, humanising, growing up, communicating. How we eat together, as families, cultures etc is very formative on who we are.


Have you ever performed live art before?

No, this is my first live art performance and I'm scared. It's exposing.

Do you know what you want to do after university?

Probably branch off into environmentalism or art therapy.


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