Art Intermission


Art Intermission

In anticipation of the Semi Peppered x Inter:Mission ‘Empty Spaces’ event I:M talked to the exhibition’s curator and participating artist, Kimi Zoet, to discuss what Empty Spaces means to her.  

Name: Kimi Zoet

Age: 21

Degree: Third Year History of Art Student

What does empty spaces mean to you?

I think about the empty spaces in my mind and what I can create with them. I envision halls containing nothing in my head that I can fill with nonsense. The word ‘empty space’ sounds like an opportunity to me.


What inspired you to select this as a subject matter? 

I didn’t actually personally select it, Semi Peppered and I:M wanted to choose a theme for the night so the artists had something to work towards. We bounced ideas around, and came up with ‘empty spaces.’ It’s a very broad subject that can be become personal. It’s exciting to give a group of artists a theme and see their different interpretations of it.

Do you have any specific artists or movements that have inspired and influenced your own work?

I am particularly insipid by the Surrealist movement in all its forms. For me, childhood, automatic expression and the subconscious are essential to my personality and practice. I also love ‘Alice in Wonderland’. My primary interest and inspiration is nonsense, and how we fit it into our lives.


Tell us about your piece you have created for this exhibition?

I’m trying to paint these hallways in my head. I will start off drawing these empty hallways which will be filled up with nonsense, spontaneity and a narrative totally up to the audience’s interpretation. 

You draw a lot of figures and characters in your works – do your works have a narrative and personality behind them or is it what you think of at the time?

To be honest I never really start out with a specific idea, it usually comes to me as I go. But yes, I do draw a lot of figures and when I do, I draw them with empathy. At first these empathetic drawings confused me, I thought it was my subconscious speaking, that maybe I was deeply unhappy and I didn’t know it. But I think the true reason why I draw these trapped characters is because I have a empathetic way of looking out onto the world. I paint adulthood and loosing your imagination. As a child you have a great fantasy, but through education everything gets a meaning and a place, to retain your imagination whilst being educated is a real skill. I suppose you could say that my work is quite like the story of Peter Pan, a desire to never fully grow up.

What is your favourite thing about being an artist?

I just feel so free when I paint, that’s literally it. In a way it makes me feel so unfulfilled because when I’m doing it I’m thinking ‘God there’s so much more!’ It gives me itchy feet for sure, but in a good way like I can explore these hidden spaces that lie deep within my mind.

Have you got any exciting prospects in the future for your career as an artist?

I am hopefully going to do a Master’s Degree in Art. 

SP : I:M Presents ‘Empty Spaces’.