Art Intermission


Art Intermission

In anticipation of the Semi Peppered x Inter:Mission ‘Empty Spaces’ event, I:M spoke with artist Jaydon Moller-Clark about what Empty Spaces means to him.  


Jaydon Moller-Clarke


What does empty spaces mean to you?

For me ‘empty spaces’ is a void that creativity can fill, but never fully. I can never fully finish anything. I think of ‘Empty spaces’ as a continuous need to do something but you don’t necessarily know what that something is. 

I have noticed that you have lots of hobbies outside of art like skating, music and studying the brain. Do you employ these interests into your work? 

All my hobbies are exactly the same thing for me, a process of trying to attain something. Everything I do, even though I may not be that skilled at it, is a process I'm interested in. Music and art go hand in hand for me, I’m not that musically talented to the level of someone that does grade eight music, in the same way I can’t draw like someone who has been to art school. but when you take bits of sound, or when you cut out parts of whole images you can create something new, a cohesive piece.

When you collage, do you have a theme or narrative in mind. What influences these themes i.e. politics, emotion, aesthetic - or a bit of everything?

I don’t like to use themes as they can be restrictive. I did art at school and I did alright, but the teachers would always say I had to do something to a certain specification and I could just never do it. I just felt too limited. It’s inherent I think. There is always a theme there, in my head, but I haven’t necessarily set out with it from the beginning, it’s spontaneous. I go out, find the books and I look at what I have got and I think, how is this going to fit together, what narrative do I want to portray. I place a few bits out first with the narrative in mind. It’s like an evolving narrative that you put together.


You study pharmacology, do you think that your degree helps your practice?

Well this is another thing I think of as very pertinent to my degree and my art. Everyone always thinks of art and science as such separate things but when you actually think of science and its core it’s the same as art. You have an idea, you test the idea, you see if it works and you come out with a result at the end. You think about Leonardo da Vinci - he was literally everything.

Who are your inspirations?

In terms of art, I love Matisse and Francis Bacon. It sounds like a strange combination but I like the grit of Bacon and the clean aesthetic of Matisse. 

Why did you get into practicing art at uni?

Just from the need to do something creative. I have always done art. I go through phases, sometimes I love music, sometimes I love art. It’s a weird thing. 


Tell us about what you have in mind for the works you will be showing at the exhibition and how you will be illustrating empty spaces? 

I think I want the process of making to be apparent, so you can see it’s me just doing something to fill that empty space. They are not finely tuned pieces of fine art. I want to express the rawness I feel in doing it. 

I’m going to show them in the order that I made them. It’s the filling up for me. They might not have a logical order but it’s the order that I did them in.

Why is your main choice in medium collage? 

I just like being able to take something which was never intended for that purpose and making it into something that has a completely different narrative and theme. I think comparing things creates interest, it makes you actually look deeper into things.


What is your favourite thing about being an artists? 

Just filling the void. 

What is your plan after university? 

I'm staying here in Bristol and I’m doing a Masters of Research. I want to get a PHD one day, I want to be a professor. 

SP : I:M Presents ‘Empty Spaces’.