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● 10,000 monthly visits

● 18-24 year old

● Bristol (Clifton, Redland, Stoke Bishop)

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● £7 / day

 ● £30 / week

● £80 / month


A 50% discount is available if you want to target a specific audience such as:

● Fashion ● Underground ● Food & Drink ● Opinion ● Theatre ● Artists ● Music ● Film

(In this case your ad will only be visible in the relevant section)


Prices are negotiable if we can work out a way
for both parties to benefit from a collaboration.

For example:
If you are advertising a club night,
we can reduce the cost of advertising
in exchange for free tickets.


If you are interested in becoming a long-term partner of Inter:Mission, please
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We will get back to you quickly and discuss
how to make our partnership a success.

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