_Opinion: Berghain canonised by Fiscal Court

_Opinion: Berghain canonised by Fiscal Court


A German fiscal court ruled that Berghain's parties are to be classified as culture.

The famous techno mecca was under the threat of having to pay a 19% entertainment tax compared to a 7% culture tax. 

Tax officials claimed that a place where people dance, have fun and take drugs is “ruled by entertainment, not by culture.” The club’s management claimed that the same logic could be applied to classical music. The Berlin-Brandenburg fiscal court in Cottbus ruled that events at Berghain are indeed cultural events and will from now on be taxed like classical cultural events.
— http://www.electronicbeats.net/feed/german-law-says-berghain-techno-hedonism-high-culture/

In an article FACT magazine wrote today: 

It’s official: techno is as culturally important as classical music.

These kind of statements come at a critical moment after London's Fabric license was revoked last week. The controversy around modern forms of art like techno is omnipresent as we discussed in an earlier article. Soon after the fiscal court in Cottbus' decision, a redditor named HaxRus expressed his opinion:

I would agree there are many aspects of the international (and European in particular) techno scene that certainly contribute to high culture, especially the more esoteric and philosophically driven labels out of already extremely cultured places like Scandinavia, Germany, Italy, Japan.. Techno is one of the most innovative genres of electronic music, with very little constraints and a fast moving ever evolving sound with endless potential. It truly is and always has been the sound of the future, and I think it attracts so many forward thinking people because it is quintessentially modern and often even avant-garde. I love clubby banging techno too, but the main reason i'm so passionate about it is it's hypnotic properties which make it ideal music for relaxation and introspection.     - Haxrus

Allowing the principles of self-discovery and introversion is what lifts venues like the Berghain to cultural heights. 

One example of how Berghain is melting the boundaries between classicism and modernity, is a techno ballet project called MASSE. It is a collaboration between the Berghain and the Staatsballet Berlin, featuring pioneers like Efdemin and Marcel Dettmann.

The collaboration inquiries as to what constitutes a human being and its identity. More precisely, how individuals emerge from the mass. 

I believe that the fiscal court's decision on the status quo of Berghain as a venue, is a milestone for the contemporary techno scene.


Here is a mix from Nina Kraviz released on RinseFM to enjoy after the turbulent events in London following Fabric's closure this week.

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