_Release: Limbo by Yello

_Release: Limbo by Yello

What relates a former truck driver and one-time member of Switzerland's national golf team? Limbo is the answer.

Released: 22 July 2016

Artist: Yello

Label: Universal Music 

Genre: Electronic

Format: Digital


  1. Limbo

Limbo is the new single released on Polydor/Island by the legendary Swiss duo Yello.

Usual set up, black and white, moustache and suits, nothing unusual for the "old timers" that are already 64 and 71.

Dieter Meier, one-time member of Switzerland's national golf team, conceptual artist, millionaire, and professional gambler and Boris Blankformer truck driver, avant garde musician who never learned to read musical notation but recorded futuristic sounds from a bucket of water are the corner stones of Yello formed in 1978.

Boris made a joke saying 'luckily we won the price while we were still young'

It's been a while but back at it again are the pioneers with their "Oh Yeah" and they do not disappoint. After winning the Echo lifetime award in 2014, the god fathers of electropop announced their new album Toy available early September. Enjoy.