_Play: Unheard Underground 001

_Play: Unheard Underground 001

The "_Play" series gathers a range of unheard underground tracks, with a short description and link.

Track 1:

Opening the _Play journey is Viers' techno idyllium "17333".

  • Artist: Viers
  • Track: 1733
  • Genre: Techno

Track 3: 

This warehouse acid banger speaks for itself by being remixed by Ritchie Hawtin. 

  • ArtistLa Funk Mob
  • Track: Motor Bass Get Phunked Up (Ritchie Hawtin Electrophunk Remix)
  • Genre: Techno

Track 5: 

Finnish Sasu Ripatti's alias "Vladislav Delay" is commonly associated with ambient and sophisticated dub techno. This is a classic for underground enthusiasts.

  • ArtistVladislav Delay
  • Track: Lehka
  • Genre: Dub Techno

Track 8: 

After studying philosphy and sociology, Jan Jelinek moved to Berlin in 1995 aiming to dedicate his time to music making. His music has been awarded numerous times. This is one to dig into.

  • Artist: Jan Jelinek
  • Track: Tendency
  • Genre: IDM, Minimal

Track 2: 

 The King himself samples an all time classic from Hildegard Knef. DJ Koze (pronounced "cozy", also meaning vomit in German) delivers as per usual.

  • Artist: DJ Koze
  • Track: Ich Schreib' Dir Ein Buch 
  • Genre: Deep House


A first class production by nonetheless but Paris based Traumer. Techno heads might know the French under his alias Roman Poncet.

  • ArtistTraumer
  • Track: Classroom
  • Genre: Minimal Techno

Track 6:

This is one for the harsher technophile readers. "Castles in the Air" is  Belgian Inigo Kennedy's latest vinyl only print on Token Records.

  • ArtistInigo Kennedy
  • Track: Carstles In The Air 
  • Genre: Techno, Ambient

Track 7:

There is something terribly German about this record. There are the obvious signs, like the album title (which translates as the suitably mundane “circuit busses”, or thereabouts), and more opaque ones, such as the name this trio of electronic producers, technicians and label owners have taken for themselves; it refers to the appropriately-East-Blocly-monikered Berlin studio where these improvised sessions were recorded over the last five years.
— Stefan Braidwood on Popmatters
  • Artist: Studio Pankow
  • Track: Heidelberger Platz
  • Genre: IDM, Dub Techno

That's it for the "_Play" series this week. Stay tuned for more...