_Play: Saint Germain - Tourist

_Play: Saint Germain - Tourist

Sophisticated, Classical and Jazz oriented electronic music

Ludovic Navarre is the forgotten genius of French dance music.
— The Independent

Artist: St Germain

Album: Tourist

Released: 2000

Label: Parlophone 

Genre: Jazz, Deep House

Format: Digital, Vinyl, CD


1. Rose Rouge

2. Montego Bay Spleen

3. So Flute

4. Land Of...

5. Latin Note

6. Sure Thing

7. Ponts des Arts

8. La Goutte d'Or

9. What You Think About...


Ludovic Navarre's sounds in "Tourist" are the sonic tales that shaped my childhood.

"Tourist" brings back memories of endless car journeys on the motorway, listening to Rose Rouge whilst watching cars and their drivers overtaking us. Rose Rouge is the opening track of "Tourist" and its tempo and vibes are what I affiliate with setting off for holidays on a warm day in June. 

Montego Bay Spleen, used to establish a downtempo-ish ambient in the car. Its harmonic interplay of endlessly repetitive piano chords and colourful guitar solos prepared me for many more hours of cruising. 

After a rather draining start into our car journey, So Flute would always excite me. The track would embark me on a journey, articulating loud piano-ish sounds in an attempt to imitate the crescendo of the solo.

It was the moment in which Land Of... used to kick, that the drive would take a rather "lazy sunday"-ish turn. Sounds of a sharp and cheerful trumpet in combination with a dub heavy drumline used to set the tone for a little bit of introspection on the motorway.

Track number 5 is Latin Note that has a nu-jazz influenced texture with a smoothing synthesizer. It is the kind of music you would expect to hear at a Hilton Hotel when the bar ambiente changes from classical jazz to rather sophisticated jazzy electronic dance music.

Sure Thing is probably my favourite song of the "Tourist" album. Its repetitive and misterious vibe is accompanied by a deep and low voice mumbling in the background. This song is the climax of the whole album, its vibe used carry me into deep spheres of reflection. The way it is repetitive and still unique makes it my favourite pick from St Germain's discography. (Maybe that's part of the reason St Germain made an official clip for it)

St Germain's milestone "Tourist" was sold 3 Million times in the world and One of those copies ended up in my dad's car. It would go on to shape my musical likings forever. 

Ludovic Navarre disappeared for 10 years, but came back from the underground last year to please us with a new album. Stay tuned for more coming soon ;-)