_Event: Van Zeller House Party

Make America Great Again

Nothing signals exclusivity quite like holding your very own house party ft DJs and live music. Last week the Van Zeller boys decided to do just that. With “Make America Great Again” as their slogan and brick wall costumes, terrible platinum died wigs, and Trump-esque outfits a sight for sore eyes, it was a night not to be missed.

With the bands set up in Ben Hambro, (the lead singer of Van Zeller)’s bedroom, a hot, sweaty mess began to occur. Bathed in a dim, red light, the tiny little room became the epicentre of the party. For such a small space, the atmosphere was electric. First to headline were the Dead Pretties, ferocious tracks made the house hum and sweat was sprayed as they finished their quality performance. On next was Willie J Healey. Channelling hazy surf rock, favourites such as ‘Subterraneans’ and ‘Pipedreams’ were a hypnotising addition to the night. Afterwards Van Zeller made their own appearance, with pretty much all of them topless in that sweaty little room (and the drummer, Charlie Meyrick donning a US army helmet) it felt like the perfect end to the chaotic and brilliant live music.

The evening whizzed by in a potent mix of beer, sweat and what can only be described as “The American Dream”. DJ sets began later into the night, Thomas Noest, Jawside and Floyd Afrika - who came all the way from Manchester - were so brilliant they literally made the ceiling bounce (no seriously).

But are the Van Zeller boys on to something? Music venues are an ever-changing, mutating area, music is no longer tied down to a large space and artist/audience are no longer separated. Indeed, the peripatetic nature of bands themselves makes the house party the perfect location to stop by. Across the country as house parties rave on, perhaps this is the beginning of a new era, where bands and DJs get up and personal with their fans, and everyone just has a really, really good time.

 (Photo Credit: Jacob Colman) 

(Photo Credit: Jacob Colman)