Our Team

“Has anybody ever seen a drama critic in the daytime? Of course not. They come out after dark, up to no good.” 
― P.G Wodehouse

Meet the personalities behind the typewriters...

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Editor- Esther bancroft

An English student from Durham and thus born with an innate pretentious streak, Esther journeyed from the ominous North to have a go at editing. Collector of programmes before it was cool, she hasn't seen everything, but it's on her list.


 Ella faye howcroft

Ella loved going to the theatre since she saw her first ballet at five. She's interested in the different things that people take away from plays and thinks that the best are the ones you come away from thinking in a slightly new perspective. 


India Bluebell Harrison Peppe

India transcends conventions by being an English literature student at Bristol hailing from North London! With a passion for all things theatre, she’s looking to adopt an equally unorthodox approach in her writing. Watch as she tries to navigate this uncharted territory…


kristian Latosinski

Ostentatious, zen, charming, clichéd, thinks theatre's alright. Kristian: the thinking man's regular theatre writer. 



Joseph salem

Joe has been a reviewer now for over 4 years at I:M. Whether at the Edinburgh Fringe or in the South West, if there is an ounce of theatrical endeavour, he's there ready with his pen and paper.



Kate Valentine Crisp

Physical theatre and choreography is the game, Kate Crisp is the name. Known for her talents in sniffing out fun and off-the wall events, Kate’s love for music and drama has lead her and her keen nose for a vibe to some of the quirkiest and most exciting productions in town.