Edinburgh Fringe Series: 'The Liverpool Revue'

Edinburgh Fringe Series: 'The Liverpool Revue'

The four comics of 'The Liverpool Revue' are energetic, dynamic but most importantly, funny. Fast-paced with a wide range of original sketches, their group is composed of vastly different comics – the loud, bearded one; the small high-pitched one who constantly licked his lips – working together to establish a hilarious success.

Topical without being overtly offensive, they mock a whole range of subjects; as a feminist, communist or devout lover of Shakespeare, you cannot help but laugh along in recognition as stereotypes are picked apart. New age fads are called into question and even Gillette (yes, the razorblade brand) are not safe. It is enjoyable to see a form of humour that does not masquerade as over-intellectual, but sometimes even resorts to classic slapstick. They know what is funny and fully embrace each individual sketch character.

Their most original sketch is their last, when they address what it even means to be a sketch show character and the vulnerability of being fictional. Original, yes, but a little dragged out. However, it does feature a very strong Mickey Mouse interpretation that makes me question why they have not written in more sketches based on celebrity imitation.

There is another element to the performance which cannot go unmentioned. The crudeness of jokes which perforate many of the sketches is surprising to say the least. Subtly slipped into every other scene, they are easy to miss and often quickly followed up with another joke. It is a shame that the sexual humour does not receive much recognition- it is possibly the least developed joke they have. It would probably be more effective performed to a late-night student audience where the shock factor would be greatly amusing if a couple of pints down.

Overall, there is a constant wave of laughter moving over the audience with a pretty flawless performance. A diverse show which is accessibly, funny and had the audience eagerly anticipating the next joke from start to finish.

Fantastically, it is also part of Free Fringe, so you really have no reason not to see this one.


Kate Nicholson

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