Murder She Didn’t Write @ The Wardrobe Theatre

Murder She Didn’t Write @ The Wardrobe Theatre


Without fail you will find yourself bubbling with suspicion as the Degrees of Error production of Murder She Didn’t Write, propels audiences into a night of murder mystery that is so immersive, you will find yourself questioning the person sitting next to you!

On entering the Wardrobe Theatre, the cast greets the audience in a 1930’s fashion with amusing upper-class accents and excessive amounts of etiquette, showing their individual quirks, such as Clementine Orange (played by Tom Bridges), whose awkward facial spasms made me chuckle before I even found my seat.

The set-up is simple with each cast member dressed in a unique colour that accords to their surname, whilst inspector Edmond Blue (played by Stephen Clements) dressed in a smart blue suit, remains on the far side on the stage, awaiting his cue to solve the case. However, before Blue can commence his investigation he requires his trusty assistant, Jenkins, who is a random member of the audience lucky enough to catch an inspector’s hat.

The audience are told that what we will see will be entirely improvised and unique to the evening and the additional touch of giving an audience member the role of Jenkins adds greater validity to the evening’s improvised nature.

It is entirely up to us how this real-life Cluedoe show occurs as we are prompted to shout out where this murder took place and what weapon was used. Weddings, voyages, toast and turnips are just a few hilarious suggestions shouted out by the riled audience. It is up to Jenkins to decide on the exact nature of the case.

On this particular night, our murder mystery took place on a blimp, with an upper-class married couple, Red and Green, a shy Blimp architect, an outrageously boastful Captain White and the Blimps handy-man and chef Yellow.

The standard of acting was superb with each cast member showing their immense talent to think on the spot and provide witty humour with quick succession. Particular applause must be given to the upper-class married couple, Red (Caitlin Campbell) and Green (Peter Baker), who’s greatly contrasting arm lengths and hilariously empty marriage brought roars of laughter.

The structure of the show was ingeniously set up with well-timed breaks from Inspector Edmond Blue reminded us to keep our eyes peeled for the murderer, whilst the drama within the Blimp became increasing evident.  Before long we are told to raise our ‘finger of suspicious’ as flashbacks to the scene of the murder become more and more frequent.

Murder She Didn’t Write is by far the best improvised show that I have seen, with a truly dedicated cast all showing their awe-inspiring ability to think on the spot. For a wonderful evening that will leave you laughing, go and see this show.