Submerge Festival: The Ascent - Steakhouse Live, Octo-Octa, Rrose

Submerge Festival: The Ascent - Steakhouse Live, Octo-Octa, Rrose

The Ascent, the Submerge Festival club night, was a completely unexpected adventure.

Completely unaware of the theme of the night, I was welcomed by a performance from an almost naked man draped with straps and tape. At this point, I came to the realisation that this night would not pan out like my average night at Coroner’s Court.

Presented by Horseplay, the evening was well attended by the LGBT community, yet it was not at all excluding to any other members of the crowd. A sense of community permeated the atmosphere, creating a feeling of belonging, making the evening very comfortable yet constantly engaging.

Following the nude dance, was a monologue-esque performance from Steakhouse Live.

The stand-up act commented on the lack of space for women and men to express their wish to transition, as the lead used cling film to flatten her chest and a jock strap to imitate a penis.

Although hilariously conveyed, it was hard not to submit to the chills when realizing this whole event may not have been legitimized in other public spaces. Submerge FestivalHorseplay and Old Coroners Court allowed a space for the LGBT community to express themselves freely, explicitly, and without prejudice.

The musical elements of The Ascent were a stellar contribution to the overall experience. Brooklyn based Octo-Octa kicked off with an amalgamation of house and light techno, a necessary smooth transition into the headliner Rrose who did not hold anything back. Providing the crowd with consistently thudding bassline interlaced with jolting and rhythmic notes. She embodied the essence of the night, waking up every bolt and joint in our dancing bodies, to ease the ascent from Friday night’s dive into the deep.  A stand-alone fantastic event, curated well with Friday night’s opening shows. Submerge Festival took its audiences on an intricate and emotive journey with a variety of art forms and performance. 


Funmibi Ogunlesi
Photography by Andrzej Zajac