8 Movie Presidents Actually Worse Than Trump

With the U.S. Presidential Election (a.k.a. Doomsday) fast approaching, we thought it was best to remind everyone out there that it could always be worse. Not much worse. But worse nonetheless. As a result we’ve compiled a list of 8 movie Presidents who are actually worse than Donald Trump. Why only 8? We legitimately couldn’t think of even 9 more abhorrent candidates than The Donald himself.

President Merkin Muffley in Dr. Strangelove

“You can’t fight in here! This is the War Room!” – Peter Sellers’ iconic portrayal of the bumbling President of the United States is one of the greatest comedic performances ever committed to cinema. Nearly every line of his dialogue is pure quotable gold as Muffley goes from gaffe to gaffe regarding the Doomsday Machine and the fate of humanity. Muffley is not a man you want in charge when the going gets tough.


President Benjamin Asher in Olympus Has Fallen

Though not completely useless, it’s never wise to elect a President who has a penchant for getting himself kidnapped. Eckhart’s Asher is hardly an idiot, however the fact that he constantly plays second fiddle to his security and his Vice-President hardly instils viewers with any confidence regarding his ability to lead a nation. He's just a bit of a loser.

President Davenport in First Kid

What’s worse than a President that gets kidnapped? How about an absentee-father President that lets their Son get kidnapped because he was online using an internet snake chat-room talking to an older man posing as a child? Yeah, James Naughton’s President Davenport is unlikely to get Dad of the Year award anytime soon, and it’s unlikely that a man who couldn’t look after his own pre-pubescent son was any good at looking after an entire country, either. It also doesn’t help Davenport’s cause that it’s Sinbad who ends up saving the day at the end. Bloody Sinbad. Step it up, man.

President Baxter Harris in Scary Movie 3 & 4

The fact that President Baxter Harris likely got two terms in office simply astounds me. An obvious dig at then-actual President George W. Bush, Leslie Nielson’s President Harris manages to both survive an Alien invasion and present himself fully nude to the United Nations without ever receiving any serious repercussions. A feat that we’re sure not even Trump could replicate. Though we have no doubts he’d love to give it a go.

President James Dale in Mars Attacks!

Dealing with immigration is always a hot-button issue for any potential President. What made Jack Nicholson’s President Dale’s job even harder was the fact that the immigrants in question were Martians, and not Mexicans in Tim Burton’s Mars Attacks! Although his heart is in the right place, Dale’s fault lies in believing peace could ever co-exist between the two nations. And it's this misplaced trust which ends up getting him killed. We’re sure Mr.Trump thinks Hillary will suffer a similar fate if she deals amicably with those dastardly Mexicans. Because, you know, he’s sort of massively racist like that.

'The President' in National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets

Dubbed simply ‘The President’ and ‘Mr.President’, Bruce Greenwood’s genial U.S. leader is another who suffers from simply being far too trusting of those around him. He’s also another example of that oh-so typical President that ends up getting himself kidnapped, and as we stated earlier: that’s not very good leadership, really.  I mean, you’d have to be some sort of idiot to willingly allow yourself to be trapped underground with Nicholas Cage, and that’s just what Greenwood’s head of state does. Why does he do it? We're not really sure. Apparently he likes history and thinks Nicholas Cage seems like a really trustworthy guy. Which you'd have to be a fucking nutter yourself to believe. Not only that but Greenwood also lets Cage’s intrepid Benjamin Gates have open access to the super-secret ‘President’s Book’ – an exclusive book intended for the “President’s eyes only” that supposedly contains pretty much every conspiracy theory and U.S. cover-up ever. So nice going, dumbass: now everyone knows about Roswell. 

The U.S. President in Love Actually

Billy Bob Thornton’s U.S. President doesn’t have a name. He doesn’t need a name. He’s in about two scenes of Love Actually and he immediately makes his presence felt as probably the biggest dick in the entire world. His only real contribution to the plot is to be horrendously slimey and misogynistic to Martine McCutcheon’s Natalie. So really, he’s a man after Trump’s own heart.

President Rathcock in Machete Kills

This one doesn’t really need explaining. Charlie Sheen as President is a bad idea because, well, it’s Charlie Sheen. Just take a look at President Rathcock’s campaign video below and see how silly all his policies are:

See: utterly ridiculous. He even includes that really stupid one about building a wall to keep out immigrants and…oh Jesus Christ this is actually what Trump would be like as President. Lord, help us all.