Art Intermission


Art Intermission

In the run up to our next event More Than x Helicon x Inter:Mission : Painting By Numbers, we meet the artists getting involved.

TATTY MARTIN: Painting and Drawing.

Do you have any interests outside of art?

I really enjoy writing and reading… Most of my interests are art related. I really like being part of a cause. Like I volunteer at the Big Issue charity headmaster thing, so I quite like being a part of something... I guess which is why I liked this painting by numbers night because it is for Help Refugee so it's really for something, not just for fun, even though it is fun. It's ‘more than.’

Do you associate yourself with a particular genre or artist?

My favourite artist is Cy Twombly.

Have you ever performed live art before?

No but I’ve done something quite similar, I’ve done a collaborative art piece that was part of a live art performance. So it was almost like a backdrop for three artists working on two canvases like painting and then other people doing other layers.

Where was that?

Well I painted it at my friends studio but it was actually shown at Bussey Building in Peckham (London.)

What made you want to get involved in the event?

It sounded really cool and I love more and more that there are fun things to do that aren't just going on a night out, it's about other interests and it's really great that art and music are working together because I feel like music is a much more… people find it much more accessible? Its very rare to find someone that doesn't have any music that they enjoy listening to, whereas not everyone is that interested in art.  I think its also not knowing how to react to it, particularly in a social way.


And then do you know what you want to do after university?

I actually want to go travelling but there is also a film I really want to make with a friend, we’ve agreed to make a documentary together

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