Chortle Student Comedy Interview: George Wright

By: Emily Cawse / Published: 12/03/2012

This year’s Chortle Student Comedy Awards are solving global warming by being powered not by fossil fuels, but by Sims 3. My GCSE Science (Double Award) knowledge doesn’t tell me exactly how a computer game can be a power source, but such is the miracle of corporate sponsorship. I:M Comedy (powered by red wine and biscuits) is introducing you to some of the competitors – today, George Wright.

IM: Who is your favourite comedian?

GW: My favourite comedian is probably Steve Coogan. When I was 13 I managed to get my brother’s copy of Live n’ Lewd, with him and John Thomson.

What makes you laugh?

There’s an advert about bird feed which made me laugh the other day. My friends generally make me laugh the most though. There are no boundaries with friends so everyone is the butt of the joke for different reasons, just like anyone’s friends I guess.

When I Grow Up I Want To Be…

… taller, I want to be a baller, I want a rabbit in a hat with a bat and a six four impala.

What’s your favourite thing to talk about in your stand-up?

My favourite thing to talk about when i’m doing stand-up is stupid or ridiculous stuff I’ve done. Not observationally, more playground point and laugh stuff. I tend to pretend other people did it though, so I don’t get pointed at.

How do you deal with hecklers?

I like to agree with hecklers (as much as I can). They tend to want attention and confrontation, but if I agree with them and then talk about me again they get left behind on the wake.

What do you do if no-one laughs?

If no one laughs, I try to acknowledge it. Otherwise the room gets too tense. No one wants to break the silence and I don’t want to intimidate people. By acknowledging it I think you bring joviality to a possibly awkward situation. Elephant in the room scenario.

What is your pre-performance behaviour?

I’m pretty rubbish pre-performance. I generally try not to make a tit out of myself to people I hardly know. I tend to overtalk and waffle on when I’m nervous so I try to keep myself busy by texting. I can end up talking the kind of rubbish that people say when they’re drunk otherwise.

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